This page is for the Kingskettle and local communities to post information. The site was setup in February  2015 for local people to receive local information quickly. Please join the Facebook page for discussion. Join Kingskettle Facebook page to be alert on updates, all members can add, approve and recommend other members. For help see Facebook

04 June 2015

It has come to attention of kettle community council that individuals have been writing letters in the name of the group without permission or knowledge of the group. This website is setup to promote the activities of the kettle community action group response to the Anaerobic Digestion plan. Kettle community council is aware of the website and considering how the website can be used in the future. We would ask that no uses the name without the permission of the Kettle Community Council Chaiman.

Public meeting – 30 March 2015 at 7 pm

The hall of Kettle Bowling Club was full when residents attended the public meeting organised by Kettle Community Action Group. Information was provided in a presentation and questions were answered using research gathered by group members. There was general consensus that the decision by Fife Council……Read more here

So what next?

Plans to raise the maximum amount of objections when a planning application is submitted are being finalised. A petition will be going round the village and we are looking for donations to the “fighting fund”. If you want to be added to the list of contacts so that you can be informed of significant developments please sign up to our email list or send us your contact details via contactus@kingskettle.org.uk . If you would like more information or want to help please email us. We particularly need assistance from people with technical knowledge and environmental issues or those with experience of planning law

16-Feb 2015 –  EIA not required & no large site objection from Fife planners

Fife Planing Council Published their decision on the 12th Feb 2015 that a EIA (Environment impact assessment) was not required for the 1.96 hectares, 4.98 acres 19,600 metres square. read more…..